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Kathryn Boice, M.Ed.
Blended Professional Learning and Curriculum Development

Kathryn is CS4Ed's curriculum product designer. She has expertise in teacher education, curriculum development, and project management. She has extensive knowledge of current educational research and curriculum in literacy, CCSS, English Learners, and RTI. With degrees in Elementary and Special Education and a MA in Reading, she began her career as a public school teacher and moved into curriculum design and managing educational products. Her work includes guiding the content of digital products and professional development focused on backward planning, effective instructional strategies, and project–based learning. She has led teams to create comprehensive literacy professional development to meet eligibility for Reading First funding, managed an educational resource website of lesson plans, projects, and teaching ideas. Kathryn has worked with publishing companies to develop curriculum products, create digital solutions, and manage the content and production of textbooks for teacher preparation programs.

CS4Ed's experienced staff of interactive designers, artists, educators, scientists, authors, and renowned experts collectively have more than 170 years experience in the education market.