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Richard Carter, Ph. D.
Director, Development

At CS4Ed, Ricky is currently developing a mathematics curriculum for a new Digital Teaching Platform project. He is also a half–time faculty member in Lesley University's Technology in Education master's degree program. Over the years, he has worked on a variety of math education and technology projects: as an author developing innovative mathematics texts (IMPACT published by Everyday Learning) and classroom–based, video case studies (Teachscape's Seeing Math Project), and as a software developer working on a visual database for students (InspireData) and Web–based applets for mathematics (Explore Learning). He has served on several national advisory boards for National Science Foundation projects (his favorite being a project developing a Web–based, visual math dictionary for deaf students). He has recently finished an NSF–funded, algebra and robotics project for middle school students. At Lesley, he has developed an online course in using and programming mobile technologies in the classroom. Ricky has also researched the development of mathematical inquiry skills and is currently writing an article on the impact of Lesley's Mathematics Professional Development program on student test scores.

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