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Concetta (Chita) Duval, Ed. D.
Director, Development

At CS4Ed, Chita is developing the scope and sequence of a new mathematics curriculum for students in grades 5 through 8. Chita started out as a chemical engineer for Sprague Electric Co. in North Adams, Massachusetts, after graduating with a BA in biology and chemistry from the University of Rochester. From there, she moved into public education, teaching mathematics, biology, and chemistry at the high school level for 12 years. She was awarded an MA in mathematics education in 1973 and an EdD in 1979 from the University of Rochester, with a concentration in curriculum instruction and administration and mathematics education.

In 1979, she was hired as Director of Mathematics and Science in the Brighton school district in Rochester, New York, where she supervised a team of 23 math and science teachers. In 1985, she left public education and became the director of mathematics at Wasatch Education Systems in Salt Lake City and, in 1989, accepted a similar position at Jostens Learning Company in San Diego. In both roles, she was responsible for developing instructional software and print materials in mathematics for students in grades K–12, for the hiring and supervising teams of writers, and for conducting sales and training presentations at regional and national conferences and school districts around the country. In 1993, she began her own consulting business, Duval & Associates, and in 1998 accepted a full–time, consulting role with Riverdeep. In that role as senior software designer, she reviewed and revised Riverdeep's online, middle school math program and later assumed curricular responsibility for the development of the remaining math courses in the K–12 Destination Math suite of products. In 2001, she resumed her consulting business and has continued to work with educational print and software companies, creating student and teacher materials in mathematics and science. Chita also conducts professional development workshops in K–12 mathematics. In addition to CS4Ed, her other clients have included the North Andover, Massachusetts, school district, the Edison Schools, Lesley University, Tata Interactive Systems, Prentice Hall, LTLGO, Words and Numbers, Element, Inc., Houghton–Mifflin– Harcourt, and Scholastic.

CS4Ed's experienced staff of interactive designers, artists, educators, scientists, authors, and renowned experts collectively have more than 170 years experience in the education market.