Informed Decision–Making
for the Education Market

Business Planning Process

I. Establish Planning Goals
  • What Are the Financial Goals – Growth, ROI, Investment/Financing, Mergers & Acquisitions?
  • What Are the Marketing and Branding Goals?
  • Do You Need New Products/Services?
  • What Strategic Alliances Might Help?
  • How Can We Create Management Team/Board Focus?
II. Needs Analysis Capabilities
  • Establish Base Line Data
  • Interview Key Personnel
  • Review Company Documents
  • Executive Team Presentation–Consensus Building
III. Business Process Analysis
  • What Are Your Capabilities?
  • How Do New Products/Services Fit Into Existing Business?
  • What Is Needed? Where Are the Holes? How Do You Fill Them–Partnerships? Hiring?
IV. Market Research & Analysis
  • Who Are The Potential Consumers?
  • How Big Is The Potential Market?
  • How Do You Define Our Segment?
  • What Are The Sources Of Funds–Federal, State, Local?
V. Executive Team Presentation/ Review
  • Build Final Consensus and Individual Commitment

CS4Ed's Business Planning Services helps your executive team create plans that can be implemented to solve your company's goals.