Informed Decision–Making
for the Education Market


Design ClipboardCS4Ed combines diverse expertise to design award–winning products, business processes, and systems that work for learners and organizations. Our product development services are based on a solid understanding of the market needs, combined with a commitment to quality. Content experts, authors, graphic designers, animators, and educators work with your company to produce the best products, processes and systems imaginable.

CS4Ed Design Services will:
  • Identify the functional requirements of your organization through structured interviews of stakeholders, surveys of current organizational resources, and comparisons with emerging market practices;
  • Inform your decision making by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your business model and the systems supporting that model in response to changing business models and technical capabilities in the education market;
  • Manage a business– and capability–oriented design process; and
  • Guide the overall approach and selection of individual components and roles and responsibilities.

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Working with you to create high–quality products –

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