Informed Decision–Making
for the Education Market


Product EvaluationCS4Ed has developed evaluation strategies and metrics of success that address the design, effectiveness, and impact of educational products and services for suppliers, consumers, and users. Our balanced approach is evidence–based and combines academic, business, and engineering experience.

CS4Ed Product Evaluation Services will:
  • Identify evaluation goals that relate design elements and implementation decisions to how a product or service will work in classrooms and online learning environments under real–world conditions;
  • Inform clinical interviews, observations, testing, and focus group discussions through quantitative measures and rigorous qualitative procedures that provide specific recommendations;
  • Manage evaluation throughout the life cycle of design, implementation, deployment, and use to make wise decisions about the design and content of the product and improve its effectiveness in the learning environment; and
  • Guide developers to create potential impact as well as teachers, students, and administrators to deliver that impact through effective use.

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Addressing the design effectiveness, and impact of educational products and services –

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