Informed Decision–Making
for the Education Market

Conducting Funding–Centered Sales Initiatives

Companies must work with school districts to meet stringent funding criteria in order to sell products and services. CS4Ed will create a plan that empowers your sales force to work with K–12 partners to pursue funding from state, federal, and foundation sources by developing and implementing action plans specific to your company's offering.

CS4Ed will provide customized services and training for your staff in the following areas:
I. Analyze Products & Services
CS4Ed will examine your product line and align each component to the goals and targets of specific government programs.
II. Source Funding
CS4Ed will conduct searches to help your company target specific foundations and government grant programs.
III. Create "Boilerplate" Narrative
CS4Ed will create narrative for specific grants you and your partner school districts wish to pursue. We will also write boilerplate narrative and white papers connecting key program components to your company's products and services.
IV. Train Staff
CS4Ed will train your staff to offer grant writing assistance to potential clients as part of a value–added service. On–going sessions will help your staff to become more familiar with grant processes as well as government regulations.
V. Develop Funding – Based Marketing Materials
CS4Ed will help your marketing staff create materials that directly link your company's solutions with funding sources.

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CS4Ed's Funding–Centered Sales Program assists companies in creating materials that schools can use to access federal, state, and foundation grant monies for their products and services.